Dance Dates

Come - join the dance!

We hold regular dances that will enable you to practice what you have learned during the dance classes. With all our dances in our brand new studio in Silsoe these are open to everyone to attend up to the point of us reaching our sold out number. We try not to overcrowd our dances as, of course, we want to leave you enough space for dancing comfortably.
The dates for 2018 are:
February 23rd    Late Valentines Dance
April 7thTea Dance 
April 27th Spring Dance 
May 18thAnniversary Dance 
June 9th Tea Dance 
July 14th  Summer Dance Day
July 27thSummer Dance 
 August 18th Tea Dance
 September 21st
New Season Dance 
 October 19th      Early Halloween Dance
 November 10thTea Dance 
 December 14th   Christmas Dance
 December 31st New Year's Eve            
 All Saturday dances start at 7.30pm except New Year's Eve which is 8.00pm.
All Tea Dances start at 3.00pm. 

Dance Shoes

Please note that if you are looking for top quality dance shoes we can get these for you from one of the world's leading suppliers Supadance Shoes.
If you are
interested please ask to see a brochure.